04 janvier 2016

Comedy, Romance, and Stress: Living Through Your Hip-Twenties

Paul Ashton's This Isn't Funny is a genuine tale of love when surrounded by humor, anxiety, and alcohol.

Eliot Anderson (Katie Page) strives to make it big in the world of standup comedy, despite her continued struggles with anxiety. Along the way, after crashing into—and later making fun of—a local cyclist, Jamie (Paul Ashton), she must either learn to redefine herself and her medicinal needs to stay with him and form a family, or continue her shaky trajectory, without him, of advancement in the world of comedy.

This Isn't Funny ultimately demonstrates how complex a foundation for any modern romantic relationship is—dominated by capricious polyamory and mixed interpretations of monogamy, each romance, prior to even recognizing the various mental states of those within it, already begins with a grave sense of instability. Aggravating that are the contemporarily dynamic perspectives of and opinions about mental wellness, therapy, and medicine, exacerbated when Eliot intentionally skips her daily dosage for several days, for the fear that her anti-anxiety drugs block out her thoughts, keeping her from reconciling with her problems.

Intertwined with standup comedy from a variety of the actors detailing the troubles of understanding mutual romantic interest and sexual desire, along with the outrageous strategies crows undertake in teaching their young ones to fly away from home, the perpetual tinge of stress encompassing this film vanishes in the comedy brokered by communal awareness of the difficulties we all face in ideally simple tasks, such as engaging in a positive romantic relationship.

A simple film of complex ideas flowing in rivers of alcohol, This Isn't Funny is neither a tear-jerker nor a life-changer, but it's enough, and that seems to be okay.

Jamie (Paul Ashton) and Eliot (Katie Page) sit alone at a party, shortly after Jamie ran his bicycle into Eliot's car.
Image Courtesy of Candy Factory Films

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