27 février 2016

A Look at My Remaining Years

The following is the editorial manifestation of my revisit, nearly a year later, to an old essay, "On My Forever Distant Future":

In my continued tenure at Haverford College, a liberal arts college in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, and beyond graduation, I shall forever persist in aspiring to glean knowledge and wisdom from the world around me, perpetually discovering bliss in both grappling with new ideas and the potential for more. I shall continue to challenge my preconceived notions of life itself, and I shall continue to deliberate over truth and morality in an academic sphere embracing intersectional and interdisciplinary study, in languages inclusive and transcendent of my mother tongue. In my remaining years, I hope to accept neither my current perspective nor that of my community as wholly correct or concretized; instead, I hope to forever alter both, forcing my life upon the path of an asymptote approaching divine understanding.

22 février 2016

On Self-Care Amid Grand Opportunities

I don’t remember, with clarity, any moment of the first two weeks of this semester.

I must have hugged my friends after seeing them for the first time in months; I must have kissed the girl whom I’d traveled 20 hours to visit during the last week of Winter Break, before she—she must have—decided that she wouldn’t see me when I’m sick; I must have taken heaping plates of food from the “Main Line” of the Dining Center and later only nibbled at what seemed softest or most Nutella-covered, and I must have thrown up most of that, too.

I think I read Hobbes on the Tri-Co Van, while Michael, the driver, shuffled between the classical channel and the jazz one; I think I announced the women’s basketball game, crediting my lapses of attention to the chamomile tea in my mug; I think I said something about independent film in my French class, but maybe I didn’t. I really don’t remember.