27 février 2016

A Look at My Remaining Years

The following is the editorial manifestation of my revisit, nearly a year later, to an old essay, "On My Forever Distant Future":

In my continued tenure at Haverford College, a liberal arts college in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, and beyond graduation, I shall forever persist in aspiring to glean knowledge and wisdom from the world around me, perpetually discovering bliss in both grappling with new ideas and the potential for more. I shall continue to challenge my preconceived notions of life itself, and I shall continue to deliberate over truth and morality in an academic sphere embracing intersectional and interdisciplinary study, in languages inclusive and transcendent of my mother tongue. In my remaining years, I hope to accept neither my current perspective nor that of my community as wholly correct or concretized; instead, I hope to forever alter both, forcing my life upon the path of an asymptote approaching divine understanding.

More importantly, however, I must always strive to leverage my education, my perpetual attempts at grappling with the phenomena, in bettering the state of humanity, including the lives of those I may not directly witness. I hope to offer a fresh perspective, a new voice, and unwaning ears, and to transcribe my learning into visual and artistic testimonies of the unheard or the underrepresented, yielding a greater sense of empathy for people whose problems remain in the blindspot of those with any power to change them.
As a career, I have contemplated following the righteous path of pedagogy—devoting my life to the upbringing of new generations, the most adept to instill positive change within our ever-adapting world—as well as joining the United States Supreme Court, to devise positive precedents for all of our nation’s judiciary, to ensure that all members of our continent-wide collective maintain equal rights and liberties, regardless of their demographics. Indeed, I may continue my career in journalism, scribing new pages in the global book of knowledge, and engendering transparency among the grandest modern institutions so often ridden with corruption and systematic injustice.

Regardless of my career choices later on, my years at Haverford will continue to teach me some of life’s most crucial lessons: how to read critically, question analytically, write complexly, and articulate precisely. In learning the art of learning, my academic preparation here shall lead me to both economic viability and cerebral self-sufficiency, guiding me with techniques to forever continue grappling with new ideas and unfinished thoughts.

Of course, now and always, I shall face defeat, rejection, and unwanted change. Yet, I will have learned how to reanalyze my situation and my priorities, and I will forever continue to reach my potential with pragmatism and passion. I will study; I will learn; I will question; and, in the end, I will have accomplished everything I had set out to do and more.

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